MV Templar survivor Prince Ssimbwa passes on


The survivor of the MV Templar boat tragedy, Prince Arnold Simbwa has passed on.

Omulangira Simbwa, a son of Prince David Golooba, the elder brother of Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II passed on at Nsambya hospital.

Simbwa was among the over 100 revelers and celebrities who got involved in the MV templar boat accident that claimed the lives of about 30 people including the boat owner and many other youths.

It is alleged that the ill-fated boat exhibited technical difficulties from the very word go; Singer Irene Namubiru was among the few survivors and her tales of the ordeal indicate that the boat had been flooding before it went under.

Other survivors who shared harrowing details of the boat accident expressed a clear lack of safety measures on board as some survivors and victims were found without any life jackets or safety precautions.

Rescued boat near the shore

The boat accident not only shed light on the need for stronger safety measures but also a need for more regulatory maritime policies around water bodies in Uganda as the rescue operation was found to not only be short-staffed highly inadequate.

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