The studio, under Tomorrow Stars Foundation (TSF), located near Lubiri Secondary School, Mengo, is funded by Museveni in efforts to nurture young talents in the music industry.

Although without definite statistics, the music and creative industry has been billed as one of the most lucrative trades in Uganda and globally, creating several millionaires and celebrities.

According to the Chairman of the project, singer Sam Mugagga, the idea was born out of the need to support music talents that cannot afford the high costs involved in recording music in a proper studio.

Initiated by August 2018, according to Mugagga, Museveni instantly bought the idea and provided funds to projects. The undisclosed amount of funds brought equipment for studio and events from China and Dubai, as well as facilitating human resources.

The project has various senior musicians, including Sophia Nantongo, Travis Kazibwe alias Dr. Tee and several music producers, who will help the upcoming artistes in training, mentorship and recording.

The studio premises were abuzz with activity yesterday. Different upcoming artistes, from different genres, converged to get guidelines and test their abilities. Some performed with their colleagues before they were attached to different facilitators.

Nantongo said the first phase involves the assessment and preparations of the artistes.

“We have looked at a person who has love for music. He might know or not know how to sing,” she said, adding, “It is the love that we are looking at. Those who don’t know will be trained, and those who are already skilled will be prepared to go straight and record.”

According to Mugagga, every person, regardless of age and beliefs, is eligible to register and record their music. “The only person who is not allowed is the abrasive one. This is not based on any political party. The artistes that came out here today support different political parties,” he said, answering the question of political biases that may arise.

To record, an artist is required of sh10,000, a passport size photo, and a national ID, which they submit to the studio. 

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