No More Admitting Law Students – Makerere University

Makerere University has said they will not bend rules to admit fresh students.

This follows four former Bachelors of Laws Pre-entry candidates who missed out on the application process due to lack of communication.

The four students; Newton Buteraba, Anthony Lwanga, Allan Lwanga and Arthur Bright Niwagaba say after sitting for Bachelor of Laws Pre-entry aptitude test and passed, they were never informed about the results and were only told that the university had closed applications for this year’s admissions.

The University has admitted only 300 students for a Bachelors of Law for 2018/2019 academic year out of the 1,059 obtained the 50 percent pass mark during the April 14 Pre-entry exams. The institution says it does not have the capacity to admit all the students.

However, a section of Degree Holders scheme who sat the Pre-entry exams had petitioned Makerere University Academic Registrar to be admitted to Bachelor of Laws having missed out on this year’s lot.

They accused the University of breaching its own admission policies which emphasizes equality, fairness, transparency, accountability, prompt and effective feedback.
In their petition, students contend that while the university issued a public advert inviting potential students interested in applying for this year’s Bachelor of Laws programme, the results for the pre-entry exam for the degree programmes were not communicated in the media or on the university website.

“Whereas the results for the applicants who applied through A’Level entry scheme were published on the university website, there was no similar publication for applicants through the degree holder entry program,” students stated.

The students say they expected the university to notify all candidates who sat for the papers since they had submitted their telephone contacts including emails.

But Charles Ssentongo, the Deputy University academic Registrar in charge of the undergraduate admissions says the university has admitted 300 students for both day and evening and that it will not admit the students in question since they publicized the pre-entry results.

“The best thing they can do. I looked at their results and they were quite good. They will apply next year. They don’t need to sit for the pre-entry. These pre-entry results are valid for two years,” Ssentongo said.

Adding that; “But otherwise, thinking that they are going to run another advert because they didn’t see the advert, I don’t know whether the university was supposed to buy newspapers for them or noticeboards.”


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